What can a professionally taken photo do for you?

I have been asked this question numerous times… “how different is a professionally shot photo with the right equipment and the  typical everyday shot photo most likely taken with a point and shoot camera or these days a smartphone?” These before photos were taken by the listing agent of this property and the after photos with professional equipment. Can you see the differences in the pics below? When looking a lot of photos on the MLS one cannot help but ask, is the sofa, the bed, the coffee table, refrigerator and vase for sale… because this is very often what one sees? Why is the room crooked, the house seems very dark and last but not least, why is it out of focus? It doesn’t have to be!!!

Sharp, well lit, nicely composed photos will certainly help sell a home and as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The objective is to get  more traffic to your home, your website and your real estate office which in the end could mean thousands more dollars in your pocket. In the photos below we have examples of an uninspiring photo followed by what I hope is a better photo. A photo that invites you in, inspires you and hopefully helps you to invision yourself living in that space.

Of course one will notice that there has been some renovations but the key elements to look at are composition, lighting and sharpness of the photo. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pics!


c48-Jan 2007 012 resized.jpg_DSC2072_3_4_fused  resized.jpgJan 2007 015 resized.jpg_DSC2021_2_3_fused  resized.jpgJan 2007 006 resized.jpgJan 2007 011 resized.jpg_DSC2036_7_8_fused  resized.jpgJan 2007 020 resized.jpgJan 2007 028 resized.jpg_DSC2048_49_50_fused  resized.jpgJan 2007 001 resized.jpg_DSC2057_8_9_fused  resized.jpgJan 2007 026 resized.jpgDSC_0232_3_4_5_6_fused resized.jpgJan 2007 023 resized.jpgDSC_0252_3_4_5_6_fused resized.jpgJan 2007 018 resized.jpgDSC_1653_4_5_fused resized.jpgc88-Jan 2007 022 resized.jpgDSC_0282_3_4_5_6_fused resized.jpg

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