Before and after photos and de-cluttering

I’ll call this post the before and after photos. This is a wonderful home that I photographed yesterday and the difference in photos is quite remarkable. My thoughts when I was in the house that it was much nicer in real than what I had seen when viewing the old photos and sadly I see this all too often. Overblown windows, lack of detail and blurry photographs were all very obvious. The home owners have removed some of the furnishings but I think the house still shows well. For some of the photos we did remove a few pieces that were left in the somewhat empty rooms and that is a great tip… either the room is fully furnished and decorated or it should be completely empty. The potential buyers would much rather see an empty bedroom that they can envision decorating than one being used as a part time storage room. I cannot stress this enough, de-cluttering is the name of the game… move those things to a storage room or garage. The other thing we did was move the outdoor patio furniture from the livingroom outside where it belongs… potential buyers may be put off by seeing patio furniture set up in a livingroom. In this slow market one has to really go the extra mile to make their property stand out from all the others and every little detail counts.

What do you think…I would love to hear your thoughts.





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